Bridging the gap between technology, business, and operations

Brisbane | 23-24 July 2018
Melbourne | 26-27 July 2018            View Full Programme Here
Perth | 30-31 July 2018
Sydney | 2-3 August 2018

AI and RPA systems are having transformative impacts across all sectors helping achieve strategic and operational excellence, gaining a competitive advantage.

The AI & RPA Masterclass will explore the planning process and vision for investment, issues relating to organisational culture, setting strategies to overcome challenges/obstacles, bridging the gap between technology, business, and operations to ensure organisational buy-in for AI and RPA in your organisation.

Key themes:
  • Managing changed roles & business models for your organisation
  • Being the evangelist & building the shared vision for investment and commitment to AI & RPA
  • Overcoming issues relating to organisational culture and operational factors
  • Involving the organisation to improve buy-in and identify opportunities 
  • Overcome stakeholder barriers, obstacles, challenges and hurdles, and manage expectations
  • Making the right decisions and what organisational perspectives you need 
  • Assessments for AI & RPA implementations - improve your accuracy
  • Embedding Centres of Excellence (CoE) into current operations
  • Improving company and market positioning through AI & RPA
  • Demonstrating how ROI can be achieved from AI & RPA innovations
  • Analyse using case scenarios

AI & RPA Masterclass Leader

Anthony Scott

Robotics, Automation & Transformation Specialist

Anthony is a consulting professional skilled in RPA Strategy/Development, Program Management, Business Process, Business Process Design, Business Case, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and IT Service Management. He has an exceptional history working as a leader in Robotics, Automation & Transformation in the financial services industry, and insurance. His experience includes being General Manager - Robotics, Automation & Transformation at Equifax; Head of IT Delivery - Planning and Execution at TAL Life; and Head of RBB AFS Portfolio Management, Technology at Westpac.

Why Attend AI & RPA: Setting your Organisation up for Success

  • Educate your organisation and Executive Leadership and other stakeholders about the benefits of AI and RPA initiatives
  • Manage organisational change which results from automation
  • Understand how to overcome barriers, obstacles and challenges for adoption of AI & RPA
  • Explore cross-sector successes, and benchmark against best practice in your industry for implementation of AI and Robotic Process Automation
  • Improve assessment accuracy
  • Plan organisational change and development roadmaps
  • Justify the investment and chart your AI & RPA journey
  • Investigate and assess use case scenarios

Who Should Attend AI & RPA: Setting your Organisation up for Success

  • CIOs, CTOs & Senior Technology leaders
  • COOs, and Heads of Operations
  • Business transformation heads
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Heads of Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Executives
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Process Automation specialists
  • Information Systems managers
  • Machine Learning specialists
  • Automation specialists
  • Heads of Operational Transformation from across all industries and Government

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AI & RPA Masterclass Location

Brisbane | 23-24 July 2018
Melbourne | 26-27 July 2018            
Perth | 30-31 July 2018
Sydney | 2-3 August 2018